Company start with a lathe in the street shop for turning spare parts.such as shaft,and forgin and casting items in 2000 year.
products contain the oil cylinder header, and oil cylinder body.Pumps shaft.crank shaft.Axle forging shaft.
In 2004 year company start produce oilless bearings for local big bearings companys.

2007 year join first partner who quit from CSB technical department. so enlarge more and more business and production area englarge to 500 square meters.
2009 start KSOB company. produce wrapped bearing. and continue enlarge the machinery spare parts's about 1000 Square meters,
2015 years start export business. KSOB build a special sales company Ramshin precison was started open international market explore.
2017 year. we move to a standard industry zone factory building, production area about 3000 square meters.
as a specialist manufacturer of oilless guide elements and self-lubricating bearings company, we developed various kinds mould die elements and plain bearings, and cams unit. stroken plate, and cam wear plate, CNC machinery center continue service with forging and casting spare parts productions
Company mainly line in oilless bearings, and oilless press die element. Self-lubricating bearings, and forging parts.Application on difference industry area. Such as injection plastic machine, rotation shaft, construction equipment, hydraulic cylinder .press die industry.